Take Your First S.T.E.P.S.

"Before the journey starts, we must determine where you want to go." - Jaeda Sykes

Sykes S.T.E.P.S Inc. was founded to meet the ever-growing needs and challenges facing preteens, teens, and young adults.  Sykes S.T.E.P.S Inc. life coaching approach is different from your normal psychotherapy, counseling, or mentoring. We focus on those issues that our youth of today find hard to discuss with friends, family, and/or mental health professionals.  At Sykes S.T.E.P.S Inc., our commitment is to help you flourish in the present and help map out your future. We work directly with you to sort out your troubles and gain clarity. We design action plans to encourage personal well-being and growth.  We are located in the beautiful town of Huntersville, NC.  We offer a warm and inviting atmosphere where you will find comfort and the ability to freely express yourself.  We are in your corner and will work and guide you to conquer life’s challenges.  Schedule your free consultation today.