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About the Founder

Jaeda Sykes Life Coach

Jaeda Sykes is the founder and CEO of Sykes S.T.E.P.S Inc. Every morning she awakes with a renewed sense of purpose and intention while keeping steadfast in her mission.

Her mission is to be a positive influence, life coach, and role model for the youth of today. Her passion is to inspire youth to design their future by providing them the proper tools and structure needed to become successful and productive members of society. She is committed to making her mission an everyday reality…one personal encounter at a time. A follower of Christ, a full-time student, ARMY reservist, caregiver, meditation instructor, certified covey facilitator, certified professional behavior analyst, and lover of all things inspirational.

She founded Sykes S.T.E.P.S Inc. 2016 when she was 20 years old.

Personal Note

“I was still fresh out of high school, fresh out basic training, new to college, new to my job, and new to my first apartment. Everything was new to me! I was in search of basic life skills to help me through a difficult and uncomfortable transition into adulthood. Often, I questioned, why I wasn’t taught certain things in school? I learned a lot on my own through my personal experiences, and I was able to use those experiences to give guidance to my peers.  I am sympathetic to the feeling that no one should have to make as many mistakes as I did, to get “adulating” right. So I set-out on an adventure. Sykes S.T.E.P.S was born from my passion to make the transition into adulthood easier for others.

It has been an honor to be acknowledged as the face and driving force behind such a powerful organization and to grow with the company.”

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