Take Your First Step

Setting The Example Promoting Success (S.T.E.P.S.)

Before the journey begins, we must determine your goals. Once we determine where you want to go, my role is to help you take your first steps to make your goals a reality. We all require a little guidance, motivation, and encouragement.

You may know the path you want to take, but are having a hard time on the journey. With a little guidance, we can set you on the right path of achieving your goals. Just as an athlete requires a coach for athletic achievement, one may also require a coach for other areas of his/her life. It may be to set goals, build confidence, or to prepare for college, just to name a few.

As your life coach, I believe there are no problems we cannot solve together. I am here to work with you to conquer life’s challenges. Below are some common areas teens/young adults require the most assistance. If there is any area that you would like to work on but it is not listed below, please feel free to contact me.

Guidance I do not dictate! I am here to advise you on how to do what you want to do. In other words I am here to show you the way.

Motivation From time to time we all need motivation, some more than others. Think of me as being your own personal fan club. As your supporter, I am here to move you and encourage you to reach your greatest potential.

Recognize your potential Every life serves a purpose, and by that I mean you! Everyone has their calling. I am here to help you uncover yours and show you how your calling makes you special.

Learn to design “action plans”Saying what we WANT to do is easy; actually getting it done is the hard part. I am here to teach you how to set short term and long term goals and actually achieve them. Everyone is different, we will work together to figure out what works best for you.

Build your self-esteemSometimes we do not think as highly of ourselves as we should. I am here to work with you to strengthen your attitude about yourself. It is important that to understand that our self-assessments and beliefs about ourselves are just as positive as the goals we want to achieve.

Battle anxiety/depressionIt has been well documented that anxiety and depression is predominant in our generation. If you find yourself becoming overwhelmed by the demands of being a student, a sibling, an athlete, an employee or all the above, together we can work to overcome these challenges.

Prepare for collegePreparing for college requires a significant amount of your free time. Selecting and applying to college, writing essays, applying for scholarships, and registering for classes may seem overwhelming but I am here to help you break-down each of these tasks in a way that makes each step less overwhelming for you. You can do it! I am here for you, and we can work together to prepare you for college.

Academic achievementIn the beginning of the school year or at the start of a new semester, we may have our minds set on earning a certain grade in each class. The further in-to the school year or the semester we get, that grade may begin to seem further and further out of reach. I am here to help you set short term-goals that will help you achieve the long term goal of earning that letter grade.