Now that you have decided to make a commitment to yourself, your journey can begin! My mission is to guide, motivate, and transition youths into young successors by offering teens and young adults the essential tools needed to succeed. You are probably wondering, how does she plan to do this or what are the essential tools?

When asked this question, I like to refer to the well-known “Dora the Explorer”. Dora’s good friends, Backpack and Map, are there with her every step of the way during her adventures. Dora never knows what Backpack has for her during her journey, but she can always rely on Backpack to choose the best tool in order for Dora to make progress.

Think of me as your faithful Backpack; filled with all of the things you need each time you stumble upon an obstacle. I will reveal all that I am and all that I have to you. I guarantee you will progress. Just like Dora’s good friend, Map, I am here to guide you when you have lost your way. This is your journey. I am just an accessory. Everything that we achieve together, will be a result of your best effort.

“The funny thing about life is, if you refuse to accept anything but the best you will get it.” -W.  Somerset Maugham

What you can expect :

  • Welcome kit
  • Youth guidance
  • Scheduled private sessions (face-to-face or Skype)
  • Personality assessments
  • After session homework
  • Goal tracking
  • Guided journalism
  • Email and text message support/reminders
  • Home visits
  • Youth group (Optional)
  • Life skill courses (Optional)

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