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A Message for Parents

Be who you needed, when you were young.

In the mists of time, while you juggle work and family, you’re expected to discipline, communicate, educate, lead by example, build trust, and mitigate today’s social demands … all the while developing your son or daughter for their next biggest leap in life.  It is easy to feel like life is fleeting your grip.

So how exactly do you breach the barriers of adolescence?

Sykes S.T.E.P.S is not in the business of taking over your role as a parent. On the contrary, we’re here to supplement and fortifying key pillars of raising successful young adults.  Seeking complementary support is one of the smartest decisions you can make as a parent.

When you enroll your child in our life skill courses or sign him/her up for any of our services you will gain confidence and find comfort in knowing that your child is receiving a structured curriculum for adulthood. By the time your young person leaves the home, together we will have helped her grow into a happily productive adult. Don’t get too excited, your parenting work is not over yet!

Throughout the calendar year, we offer a number of workshops on various different topics to ensure that students are continuously learning new skills. We encourage you to visit our events calendar and sign your child up for participation in one of our programs. You may even find an event for yourself. That’s right throughout the year parents have the opportunity to attend workshops hosted by Licensed social workers and parenting experts. Topics range from parenting advice for effective discipline, to, how to have difficult conversations with your children and more!

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