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A Message for Emerging Young Adults

Being a student is tough; Being an adult is even more challenging.

Complete your education. Get a job. Become financially independent.

The transition from adolescence into adulthood can be hard and uncomfortable at times.

Whether you know it or not, there are a ton of skills that are not being taught to you at your school or even at home. The lack of critical skills will hit you like a run-a-way train when you’re forced to take-on the challenges of early adulthood. Symptoms may include confusion, anxiety, dysphoria, and a daunting feeling about the “real world”.  Unemployment for young adults is not high by accident or design. The reason is a lack of transitional education, guidance, attention to detail on important matters, decision making, prioritizing, structure, and support for students. Financial and/or academic statuses can compound the issue, but no one is immune.

Sykes S.T.E.P.S offers results-driven support tailored for you. Our organization and life skills courses are developed by young leaders, for youth. We can relate better than anyone about current personal experiences and educational challenges.  We understand and emphasize the importance of education but, we also understand that solving algebraic problems aren’t going to help you file your taxes or excel at that next job interview.

Join us and let us help make the #adulting transition easy and fun for you.

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