• Jessica P.

    Jessica P.

    I've always had a hard time "fitting in" because I wasn't accepted by many people at school I started to feel down a lot of the time. My parents didn’t really understand me either. One day my mom told me one of our church member told her about a life coach for teens and she asked me to give it a try. I was unsure about it at first but once Jaeda and I got to talking I felt relieved. She taught me how to value myself. We often prayed together. I like that everything we talked about is confidential. Even after 3 months we still meet.

  • Student Z.

    Student Z.

    I'm a student athlete at Hopewell High School. From freshman year I always had a hard time with prioritizing between sports and school work. Jaeda showed me that I can do without taking away from my performance or my free time. I think what we worked on together will be useful when I get to college. She treated me like a friends and not like a parent, which made me feel comfortable and open to her ideas. Give it a shot!

  • Michelle K.

    Michelle K.

    Ms. Sykes is extremely great at what she does. She's a good listener and provides wonderful sound advice and resources that were quite effective in helping me to exceed my own expectations. I would recommend Ms. Sykes to help you overcome any obstacles you’re experiencing because after the first session you’ll be thanking yourself that you did, Thank you Ms. Sykes for helping me become a better person and overcome procrastination.

  • Stephen S.

    Stephen S.

    Very intelligent; wise and mature advice. I have referred friends to Sykes Steps.